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Our Sheep

We are trying to move into rare breed sheep and currently have a Hebridean and a Hampshire amongst our flock.

The Hebridean sheep is a breed of domestic sheep originated in the islands off the western coast of Scotland. It is a small breed, similar to other members of the Northern European short-tailed sheep group. It was previously known as St Kilda sheep and now classified as rare. Hebrideans are hardy and able to thrive on rough grazing, and so are often used as conservation grazing animals to maintain natural grassland or heathland habitats.

We have one Hebridean sheep called Aphrodite she was given to Lainey as a sock lamb, who might not make it, she was fed 2 hourly, day and night and thrived, because of the human contact she had when she was young she thinks she is human and definitely not a sheep! she is very aloof and will not load into the livestock trailer with the rest of the sheep.

The Hampshire sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from United Kingdom. It is also known as Hampshire Down sheep, and it was originated around 1829. They are mainly white in coloration. They have a dark face with moderately long and slightly dropped ears. The Hampshire sheep are very hardy animals. They are well suited to almost all climates. These animals have long breeding season, and the ewes experience a large percentage of multiple births.