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Code of Conduct

1 Attendance
Full attendance, as far as possible, is expected of all students. If you have an appointment or need to cancel let Laineys Care Farm Manager know as soon as you can.

2 Equal Opportunities
You must observe and follow Laineys Care Farm Equal Opportunities Policy, and treat people fairly regardless of their gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, race, class or disability.

3 Respect for Others
You must show respect to all members of Laineys Care Farm and must not prevent others from achieving their goals in learning or in activities.

4 Language
Language or gestures that offend other members of Laineys Care Farm must not be used.

5 Bullying and Harassment
Intimidation, harassment, provoking or threatening any individual whilst working at Laineys Care Farm is not allowed.

6 Behaviour
You should behave in a responsible and reasonable manner within Laineys Care Farm.

Most importantly Have FUN